Abs Emotional слова песни

04.06.2019 Автор: admin

Emotional Oh its still a mystery How she got me high Anticipating what She′s gonna do cos I Can′t seem to let it go Addicted by her drug Aint got no remedy for this contagious kind of love {CHORUS} Didn′t mean to get emotional Feel like I′m sinking It wasn′t meant unintentional I can see what you was thinking Got a hole in her soul Thats the shape of a man Tell me who′s your next victim It aint that she hates ya Its just her nature Baby dont misunderstand I give her what she needs Don′t ever seem enough Aint got no room to breathe Feels like a tainted love I need to get away Seems as though its been To belong cos when I try She pulls me right back in {CHORUS x2} Aint nothing left to give Just a broken shell Just enough to live Just enough to tell a tale {CHORUS}