Aerosmith Amazing слова песни

31.03.2019 Автор: admin

Amazing I kept the right ones outAnd let the wrong ones inHad an angel of mercy to see me through all my sinsThere were times in my lifeWhen I was goin′ insaneTryin′ to walk throughThe painWhen I lost my gripAnd I hit the floorYeah,I thought I could leave but couldn′t get out the doorI was so sick and tiredOf livin′ a lieI was wishin that IWould dieChorus:It′s AmazingWith the blink of an eye you finally see the lightIt′s AmazingWhen the moment arrives that you know you′ll be alrightIt′s AmazingAnd I′m sayin′ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonightThat one last shot′s a Permanent VacationAnd how high can you fly with broken wings?Life′s a journey not a destinationAnd I just can′t tell just what tomorrow bringsYou have to learn to crawlBefore you learn to walkBut I just couldn′t listen to all that righteous talk, oh yeahI was out on the street,Just tryin′ to surviveScratchin′ to stayAliveChorusDesperate hearts, desperate hearts