Alicia Keys Samsonite Man слова песни

13.11.2019 Автор: admin

Samsonite Man He′s a man so full of style and grace Any woman′d be impressed Takes a smile and paints it on your face Makes you feel like you′ve been blessed Promises things so special It seems to come right from a song But soon as you begin to feel secure You turn around and he is gone [CHORUS:] Packin′ his bags Gotta go gotta go Packin his bags Gotta go He′s a Samsonite man Maybe he is just a rolling stone Wondering from here to there Searching for a place to call his own You wonder if he even cares? So many years of heartache and pain Is all you seem to know him for Is it you or is it he to blame Whenever he walks out your door [CHORUS: 1X] [BRIDGE:] Should the wind blow you in my direction You come through to rendezvous Forget about your good intentions, They leave me lonely and confused Mr.
Samsonite Pack a bag that is my suggestion From here and out, you will be leaving At My discretion! [BREAK AND CHORUS]