Alien Ant Farm These Days слова песни

21.02.2019 Автор: admin

These Days Making all these waves and I wonder where the days went.
I sit and think of you, I hope the feeling′s mutual.
I′m seeing all you gave and, It somehow don′t seem even close to what I′d do.
To break in two seems natural.
These days are great, there′s work to do.
Would you like to work with me, I′d love to work you.
These days are great and so are you.
I think it′s something positive, and negative too.
Playing all these games and, I wonder who′s to blame it.
I sit and think it′s you, I′m sure the feelings mutual.
We′re growing cold.
Its getting old.
We should have known it′s over.
We′ll be a real team, I told you.