Alter Bridge Come To Life слова песни

09.07.2019 Автор: admin

Come To Life Heytore away the veil of weaknessThe enemy now lies beneath usI think we′re safeHeyWon′t be held down any longerNo disgrace and no dishonorKeep us chained[Chorus:]There′s nothing we should have to fearIt′s alrightWe′ve come to lifeWe′ll never shed another tearIt′s alrightWe′ve come to lifeHeythe bulletproof are so resilientTo every fool with an opinionThey never breakBy the wayWe scream to find a reasonNever doubt or stop believingAnd escape[Chorus]Now wicked tongues can speakAnd rewrite historyBut you can′t keep the truth containedAnd like this song was sungJust realize we′re oneAnd don′t forget we′re here to stay[Chorus]