Amber Pacific The Last Time слова песни

27.07.2019 Автор: admin

The Last Time I faintly remember yesterday,Oh so close yet far away,From the lives that we once etched in stoneWho would think that it would lastPlease just give it one more chanceForever is a word that only growsAnd never in this saddest momentI feel we′re letting goAnd if you take me, please don′t leave meI′ll never let you goThis is goodbyeBecause we′re growing olderThis is forever in the words you never saidThis is goodnight′Cause we′re getting colderThis is the last time I′ll kiss your lips againI close my eyes,All I think about is youI miss the girl that I once knewA sleepless nightA dying wishPlease don′t leave me here like this