Amorphis Goddess (Of The Sad Man) слова песни

01.01.2020 Автор: admin

Goddess (Of The Sad Man) Astonishment when I bend over you creep Put a noose around my neck Which side I deside it′s my time to reap It′s your side wicked and deaf Take me to the place I can sleep Wipe away all misery Turn my path away From the mind tearing tragedy Consuming range of vision I can see they decline It′s a stay of execution I fly free tonight New moon laughs on it′s own Without compassion I crawl through the realms unknown And kneel to the goddess of the sad man Inhale all mists from the shadows And hide before the dawn Face your mortal horror You won′t be reborn Is he a proud man or just a fraud Fooling himself with a losers talk Punished to eternal vanity It′s thy destiny to cry for purity You infidel slime I grace insanity satisfy my agony I know what my goddess needs I bet there′s something wrong inside my psycho creep fire burns within her eyes take me to the deadly ride I remember how she was when she choked on her own pride