Amorphis Tuonela слова песни

29.11.2019 Автор: admin

Tuonela Sorrow is my bread And tears I drink as wine Oblivion my happiness Ground under teeth of time For cold be the stone When frost ve devoured the land Consolation is no gift Of winter′s icy hand Upon a crust of snow I′ll lay my broken frame What steel and iron won′t take I′ll give in winter′s name No good a sullen sout no use a simple knave No groom for brides of plaited hair This man old and lame If only I could breathe To see the sun of may but still longer are the nigths than days As I wither away Came the man of crown With sound of war drums beat Said no sword arm′s strong enough Without my two good feet But not overlooked am I In eyes of the maid I′ll wed I′ll reap the crops of Tuonela My bride′s wealth in death