Anastacia Freak Of Nature слова песни

18.08.2019 Автор: admin

Freak Of Nature [spoken:] excuse me what u said to me? oh no u said that no I′m not I′m sorry but, you know I ain′t that kind of girl look at me and see a little girl inside my skin It′s a supernatural oooh so don′t be trying to push upon me baby my momma told me better than that the bigger you are the harder you fall I′m a bobby original not typical not ooh la la baby you can hold me responible it′s chemical if you′re bringin′ it out in me aaaaaah ah aaaaaaaaaaah I′m a freak of nature you better be aware, danger aaaaaah ah aaaaaaaaaaah I′m ur midnight angel I′m a freak come on yeah I′m a freak of nature I′m a little material, got bling bling my glasses got a shade yeah but does it hit me it chicken me that barefoot walking in the grass just cause I like sipping on champagne doesn′t mean that I′m afraid of the rain