Atreyu Corseting слова песни

03.12.2019 Автор: admin

Corseting Just swallow the pill and think of me no longer Just let go and take yourself out Before I kill you too Aren′t you tired of me fucking you over and over? You were the last person I wanted in my sights And my heart honestly breaks when I think of you I understand now what I-love-you means — It′s doing the right thing no matter of the consequence I′m tying you up, using the nicest lace Trying to kill you softly, trying to erase your face All the while I′m doing my best Not to rub my love against your head I′d redecorate the walls with your inner thoughts But I′m afraid it′s the wrong shade of red But I have these sadistic urges And I don′t want to take it out on you Right now you′re the only one who understands my plight Right now you′re the only reason I can′t sleep through the night