Baby Bash Trees слова песни

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Trees (feat.
Angel Dust, Pitbull) [Chorus: Baby Bash & Angel Dust] Let′s take it to Miami, daddy, out to Miami Let′s take it out to Georgie, sugar, Atlanta, Georgia Let′s take it out to Cali, daddy, to California Let′s take it New York and meet a gang of New Yorkers Cause I love ′em all In and out of the mall In and out of some cars, that I, just barely bought What, ever it be Cash or currency Mami can take picture, I promise to say \»Trees!\» (Trees!) [Hook: Baby Bash & Angel Dust] Dun, guh-dun-guh-dun-gun, dun Let′s take it down to Texas, where they be gettin′ wreckless Dirty dirt Dun, guh-dun-guh-dun-gun, dun Let′s take it to Chicago, back, to Colorado Here we go Dun, guh-dun-guh-dun-gun, dun Let′s take it overseas to France and Germany On the radio Dun, guh-dun-guh-dun-gun, dun Sugar, it′s on me, forget what the cost be Shake ya thang, now [Verse 1: Baby Bash (Angel Dust)] Ain′t nothin′ wrong with a little bit of lightweight thang They want me to sound my name (WHO BE US!) Autograph V-Town, all the phat Take a picture with ya phone number, not attached Off to Sweden, I was leavin′ them with horn attacks Somebody gets to clownin′ and we all of that [laughing] This muh′fucker got jokes On the way To the show With my folks Na-da-da-da-da From the Bay, to L.
, down to Monte Ray Tejas, where the trill players don′t play To all you Unsigned Hype, without a limelight Here′s a sneak peak For your ass when the time′s right [Repeat Chorus & Hook] [Verse 2: Pitbull] Damn, diggy-diggy, damn, damn Mami over there′s off that chingy-chang, chang Where you from Cali, they do the damn thang I′m a take ya to Texas Where they slow it down, mayne Forget crackin′, screw and chop it, to make a profit Miami, Atlanta, the land of the Choppers Where they used to pump bass to keep the fiends crunk Now we get crunk when the bass pump (What?) They ain′t ready for what′s about to happen ?? put it down with Dominicans in Manhattan Dite, que venga I got the Latins on lock From Puerto Rico to Cuba, this is somethin′ they can′t stop (Como!) [Repeat Chorus & Hook]