Backstreet Boys Siberia слова песни

04.09.2019 Автор: admin

Siberia “When you come back I won’t be here” She said and gently pulled me near “If you wanna talk you can call and no it’s not your fault”I just smiled and said «let go of me» No there’s something I just got to know Did someone else steal my part? She said it’s not my fault CHORUS: Then my heart did time in Siberia Was waiting for the lie to come true ′Cause it’s all so dark and mysterious When the one you want doesn’t want you too I was drifting in a dream Like I was on the outside looking in, yeah In my dreams you are still here Like you’ve always been Oh, yeah CHORUS I gave myself awake completely But you just couldn’t see me Though I was sleeping in your bed ‘Cause someone else was on your mind, in your head When I came back she wasn’t there Just a note left on the stairs “If you want to talk give me a call” CHORUS (x2) Siberia Siberia When the one you want doesn’t want you too