Bathory Blood on Ice слова песни

30.03.2019 Автор: admin

Blood on Ice The old crows cry the first warning The rumbling frozen ground the last Hooves thundering on the three feet snow The icy dawn yet to begin \»Bursting through the icy morning four times five black shadows ahorse.
Seel glimmering in the awakening sun′s light.
And blood colours the white snow red.
Cries echoes through the dark deep woods.
Open wounds steam in the cold morning air.
And the new day was greeted with a burden both raped and dead.
\» Long golden scalps hung by the old twin headed beasts standard black Women and children brought far north into the land of no turning back The burning village speared by the wind across the tundra Cry old Crow cry Long tall beautifull people fallen lifeless to the ground Headless scattered still graceful bodies Blood coloured the white snow all around Through the dark deep wooods to the mountains towering to the sky The wind carries the quest for revenge and the tale of Blood on Ice