Bathory Crawl to Your Cross слова песни

19.10.2019 Автор: admin

Crawl to Your Cross Born by womb untouched by man Or a horny mortal man′s error Flower power prophet of one Spelled dog in the mirror You hide behind stained glass windows In fear of real world outside Kneeling prostitute your souls To reach his kingdom way up high And then you castrate your pride in search Of answers to your prayers Well they may be reaching the heavens But they unanswered remain If so let his anger strike me down Like lightning from clear sky For I′m questioning your lord His almightyness I defy Sons of bitches whores of Christ Your fucking prayers won′t do When it comes closer to deadline You still don′t have no fucking clue How one in heaven can sit patiently And watch the masses starve On empty stomachs they may go And to this kingdom it is far In writtings you read and believe In seven days the hog Created light and what the fuck else n who created God You think the death of one man Selfproclaimed the son of God a lost But raise Hell and high water coz I rock and roll Well, be my guest and crawl to your cross The bigger cross the better Christian Says the book of God′s commands But when you reach out you′ll find No one to grab thy fucking hand And finally when truth comes clear About death then what will you do Y′see there′s nowhere left to hide From the grave waiting for you too I have the knowledge guts and need To questioning anything behind Those pretty promises of heaven Can′t you see that you are blind Because of one whose words you preach And fall onto your knees before Do not exist in fact I doubt He′ll knock your fucking doors Sons of bitches whores of Christ Your prayers never could What I think faith in yourself a Sane minds and hard work really could Because to put all hope in one uphigh Is sheer insanity It will show fatal to us all Yes, even fucking dangerously You call yourselves the chosen ones Because you′ve \»seen\» his light and soul Well I′ve got news for you I′m stronger Because I′ve got rock and roll You think just coz you pray Your souls′ll be saved at any cost While I′ll burn coz I rock and roll Well, go on make my day crawl to your cross