Beck Dark Star слова песни

02.09.2019 Автор: admin

Dark Star Disappointment condition A perfunctory prescription Of an indigent mindset A beligerant silence We got all we need Turning out of a tin can Thinking about the ?? Of the social hurt Listen to the noise On the battery tape deck A Judas trainwreck Anonymous suspect Hovering in carbon monoxide cremations Loners ?? Of vacant locations Think tanks empty International dream bank Plug in my reactor To the fallout zone The enemies′ story is a lot like mine And if you get to the point Then you had better deny Dark star ?? Eyes are closing ?? From a sky lit terrain Autopilot drivers Riding out on the ice age Infidels swallowed In a vanishing point Ammunition souls shooting Holes in the ozone Widows tears Washing a soldier′s bones Sterilized egos Delirium seagulls Punctured by the arrows Of American eagles Robot teachers ?? Backspace my brain My equilibrium gone Dark star Just an eye that is closing ??? From a sky lit terrain One, two One, two You know what to do