Black Eyed Peas Complete Beloved слова песни

11.01.2019 Автор: admin

Complete Beloved My love for my girl gonna shine She the one occupyin all of my mind She the one that make my life feel complete Cuz I be like the lyric and she be the beat The kind of beat that make me freestyle to it Make me rock rhymes to it make me dance all through it Yea, and I be doin it right Time that I love her down′s like every night Everything about her is wow she fine(?) She one in a million More like a trillion Lifted me up like Killian Cupid stuck my heart like we just begun so Baby yaaa, you and me gon be together most definitely Always, be with you for the rest of my days My love for you is infinite you′re all I ever wanted Every breath of yours is my life You′re my life My girl′s like way past another one′s Ain′t really no such thing as a better one She takin me to limits like way beyond Got me tappin on that ass like a Savion Cuz she all fine and stuff Make a brother like ????????? and stuff Yo, me and my girl stand tough The hell with ????? cuz I can′t get enough Matter of fact, to hell with your friends too They don′t really understand the things that we′ve been through I know we tussle but my love I′ma send you Your friends can′t wait til me and you is through but You better tell em we ain′t breakin up The best thing about fightin is makin up And my love for you is infinite You′re all I ever wanted in a girl, are you it? CHORUS & french singing til end