Busta Rhymes Love you слова песни

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Love you [intro] Timati Mariya Busta Rhymes And an exclusive of G productions Ready? Watch the T go [CHORUS] You can call me, when you need me, I′ll be right there, I′m gonna love you.
And no matter what you look like, Where you from cause, I′m gonna love you.
[verse 1: Mariya] Give a kiss, give a hug, That′s the reason to show love.
With a beast stop crying, You can get on me to find it.
Lend a hand, help a friend.
What′s the reason, Tell me what be finding.
Well we could all be happy.
We take it all for granted.
[Chorus] [verse 2: Timati] Please save the bay beast Black white Yellow stop All let the maybes Hating, crazy All a brother needed was a lil′ push He so quick to push me Ride of the edge Write my name in red Write me off as dead, [missed] They deliver.
We keep on sippin′ Patrone, Forget about the liver.
I was born at the top of the world, Now i travel round the globe, Showing love to the world.
Who cares about the kids, They on drugs.
Little young girls Selling their bodies for love.
See, we still got drawness manning slavery, God please save us, make a soul one please.
[Chorus] [verse 3: Busta Rhymes] Every single day i wake up, I′m always ready and willing Always focus on my grind And i hope you feel what i′m feeling So much thoughts be on my mind Going to process of building Every moment i′m a shine Cause i′m doing this for my children See the things i used to do I was told could be self distructive Mommy beat me in the head, ′til the things i did was productive that′s why i count my every blessing tryin to spead the love equal, and lead by good example i′ll always inspire people [chorus] [Timati] It′s time to rid the world of wars, Hunger and Disease If we all come together, for the future of our kids To make it easier for them to live.
What happened to little kids playing on streets, Old folks stepping to the beat, I hear the heart beat of the world is getting stronger I can feel it right now, yeah I can feel it right here, can you? I can feel it [chorus]