Busta Rhymes Survival Hungry слова песни

28.08.2019 Автор: admin

Survival Hungry Chorus: repeat 3X All my niggas dirty Hungry and thirsty Hitcha like 30 30 for watcha worst see Ya know we got to get this money Survival hungry Verse One: A yo ooh baby What I feel is just, ha The type of shit that make you act stupid for real, but a Ya′ll, before ya try to wear these you need to hear these Welcome all ya′ll to my world series Ya ya ya Elaborate on Busta Rhymes theories Ya ya ya I could bust your ass from half a ball Mcs Ya ya ya Never disrespect these monumental creating new flow The full blast we′ll hit′em hit′em hit′em high hit′em low And while your style will soften, then my mind will drift often To illusions of my lyrics given you massages in the coffin The boom shock ooh wee Horny nigga crash into a motherfuckin tree I visualize shit and we in the place to be Extra strength nigga bett′s ta mind the party Full fears I just pierce of in the place Make the spot look scarce and peruse Needles in ya face Fuck dumb shit straight up Keep it bouncin baby make sure you hold your wait up A ha Yea, just watch how the flow will change up for sure Rippin until my niggas walk out the door Chorus Verse Two: Ya′ll, I refuse to lose Look at the news and read the interviews Flipmode is da squad A unit made of many crews Give me the whole entire wheel of fortune Makin a sacrifice no matter what the shit be coustin And while you coughing I be flawsine like a fuckin dolphin A lot of bitch rich niggas expernce extortion This hours born when I′ma form I drop a million in a one stony rocks on niggas like a fuckin hailstorm I pulnternal my new flow Put on your funeral home suit And exacuted with a bang shoop The blow torch been ignited Those who seem exited, ha I′ma bout ? bunch of bitch niggas and they extradited You soundin so sloppy Like a broken muffler draggin behind an older lobby Once the bomb drops here′s to aftermath Scientist tried to disscet my way and formulate my craft Worrying bout how I achieve things The way I antilze shit and how I proceed things My style is real like bear skin imported from the Pursuance Follow my excoriation all the way till you feelin the newer vibe version I complete the after feat Destroy who ever complicate the way how I eat Survival hungry nigga Chorus