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A-Ha Touchy! слова песни 20.01.2020 Автор: admin

Touchy! Donna found us in her slow and dreamy way I can′t hear a word the waiter says She′s looking older now… The color of her hair She walks into the room and pleased to find me there Me I′m touchy — Touchy you Me I′m touchy And you know what to do Me I′m […]

A-Ha Birthright слова песни 12.01.2020 Автор: admin

Birthright You don′t wanna hang aroundSaid you were leaving town for the summerAt least till sundownCuz time ain′t gonna grind you down,ain′t gonna waste your lifechasing rainbows like some clownBut who′s gonna come with you tonightWho′s gonna to tell you it′s alright?Everything changes over timeJust like wineTime ain′t gonna hold you up,Ain′t going to make […]

A-Ha The Summers Of Our Youth слова песни 12.01.2020 Автор: admin

The Summers Of Our Youth There′s nothing you can sayTo make me change my mindIt happens all the timeJust let the plot unwindAs we look back and seeOur yesterdays entwineThe beauty and the truthThe summers of our youthAnd you can go there anytimeThe movies on your mindAnd you can see it clearlyWhere we overstepped the […]