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Aerosmith You Gotta Move слова песни 29.07.2019 Автор: admin

You Gotta Move You gotta moveYou gotta moveYou gotta moveYou gotta moveOh… when my God gets readyYou gotta moveYou gotta moveYou may be highYou may be lowYou may be rich… yeahYou may be poorBut when the Lord get readyYou gotta moveYou gotta moveHuh Huh… ooww…Yes…You may be oldYou may be youngYou may be weakMaybe high-strungBut […]

Aerosmith Eyesight To The Blind слова песни 20.05.2019 Автор: admin

Eyesight To The Blind Well well well well…You were talkin′ bout′chor womanI wish to God that′choo could see mineYou were talkin′ bout′chor womanI wish to God honey… that′choo could see mineEvery time that little girl start to loving… she bring eyesight to the blindLord… her daddy musta been a millionaire… ′cause I can tell by […]

Aerosmith Intro слова песни 02.04.2019 Автор: admin

Intro Wake up kidsIt′s half past what youthAin′t nothing really changes but the datesYou′re a grand slammerBut you′re no Babe RuthYou gotta learn how to relateOr you′ll be swinging from the Pearly gateI got all answers lo and beholdYou got the right key babyBut the wrong key hole, yo