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Amber Pacific Letters Of Regret слова песни 11.06.2019 Автор: admin

Letters Of Regret I′m lost for youWith every moment stays trueI′d go as far as to say that I miss youSo far awayI missed my one chance to saySo on to memories of years that passed awayOn these walls tell the stories passed of years gone byBreaking promisesPictures up in black and whiteHolding back all […]

Amber Pacific Temporary слова песни 06.06.2019 Автор: admin

Temporary Temporary, but thats the way it has to beIts in my heart, i felt your world just come to restAs if you′re out on your last breathAnd slowly fading with these days we choose to missKeep holding on, Its not too late don′t make this seem as if theres nothing left to beTheres so […]