Рубрика: Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick In The Rough слова песни 13.09.2019 Автор: admin

In The Rough You say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands \»It′s your fault for running, holding diamonds,\» I said And I offer no sympathy for that I hear that it was you who died alone And I offer no sympathy for that Better off I sparkle on my own And someday love […]

Anna Nalick Consider This слова песни 21.04.2019 Автор: admin

Consider This I′ve tripped again and things are starting to get interesting Don′t give me choices cause I can′t decide My mind is soaked in words I′ve come to terms with all my insecurities And purity′s no friend of mine And dreaming doesn′t do no good Cause I don′t wanna lie That I′m okay and […]