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Anthrax Caught In A Mosh слова песни 05.03.2019 Автор: admin

Caught In A Mosh Why don′t you listen to me when I try to talk to you Stop thinking of yourself, for just a second fool Shut up, shut up, I don′t wanna hear your mouth Your mother made a monster, now get the hell out of my house Can′t stand it for another day […]

Anthrax Indians слова песни 07.01.2019 Автор: admin

Indians We all see black and white When it comes to someone else′s fight No one ever gets involved Apathy can never solve FORCED OUT-Brave and Mighty STOLEN LAND-They can′t fight it HOLD ON-To pride and tradition Even though they know how much their lives are really missin′ WE′RE DISSIN THEM… On reservations A hopeless […]