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Chingy Fly Like Me слова песни 25.09.2019 Автор: admin

Fly Like Me Now you done been around the world, And you′d seen alot of girls, But, you ain′t neva seen a girl look so fly like, Now you done rolled through some hoods, There′s some girls that look good, But, you ain′t never seen a girl look so fly like, And you partied, and […]

Chingy Bring Da Beef слова песни 10.08.2019 Автор: admin

Bring Da Beef [Chorus:] Bring da beef to the streets (y′all don′t really want it) Keep the heat with me (so don′t run up on me) All my people see (y′all don′t really want it) Betta not fuck wit me (′cause our hood is on it) [repeat] [Verse 1:] I′m a bad block crook out […]

Chingy Gimme Dat слова песни 23.07.2019 Автор: admin

Gimme Dat (feat. Ludacris & Bobby Valentino) [Chorus: Ludacris & Bobby Valentino] I just want that gushy, gimme dat (gushy) I just want that gushy, baby that′s (a www) [Chingy:] I got my pockets all swole, big bank rolls A bad lil mamma, and she ready to go I′m Like… I just want that gushy, […]