Рубрика: Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter Lost on the stoop слова песни 31.05.2019 Автор: admin

Lost on the stoop Shed off and pealI´m in no shape or formYou´re just a reject coming down for moreWhen two are receiven, you know I could be thereSoon you´re laughing, soon you´re laughing my wayYou daddy don´t get youYou´re been a big messSoon you´re laughing, soon you´re laughing my wayYou always are in your […]

Daniel Powter Styrofoam слова песни 05.05.2019 Автор: admin

Styrofoam Drowning if the follingRealize siter, I love you stillI´d try to come back if I couldFaking on the weekendsAny ex boyfriends a little timeBe a long you understoodI paid bills and paid moreIsn´t it an ordinary song?StyrofoamI don´t ever feel on like grass stainsand I´m stone cold whatever´s leftI´m too tied up to come […]

Daniel Powter Hollywood слова песни 17.04.2019 Автор: admin

Hollywood Hey hey!, well this could be cool′Cause we could be together, nothing lasts foreverMe, I′ll be your foolPick you up when you fall downAnd move across the dancefloor and let me buy you a drink or twoAnd you could be my star for weekendsI′ll do you like you′re HollywoodYeah!, as far as I′m concerned, […]