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Ease Of Disgust The shell слова песни 20.10.2019 Автор: admin

The shell I dont needYour fucking worldI am happy causeI`ve got my ownI don`t breathe, I am coldI am dead to this worldI live in the shellIt`s my EdenLet me goJust let me goGet the fuck away from meLet me goTo my shelterTo this abnormityI call my worldNo more lights, no more soundsNo more senses […]

Ease Of Disgust Save your mercy for the lepers слова песни 23.06.2019 Автор: admin

Save your mercy for the lepers SaviorsMerciful guidersDefenders for weakFate DecidersFuck you allSave your fucking kindness for the ones you always toldAll the shit that make them live their lives in miseryMake them being enslavedBeing depravedThoroughlyYou are worshipped like a hand-made godYou are the light that make them blindShowing the truth and showing the wayBut […]

Ease Of Disgust Approaching the end слова песни 07.06.2019 Автор: admin

Approaching the end Wait for your everyday portion of liesAddicted to self brain demiseDistortion emphasizes irrealityPray this lifeCause that’s the only way you see this lifeCause that’s the only way you learn to be a human-beingWithout humanityHypnotized, necrotisedOnlineDehumanized, fucking lobotomizedOnlineGodRuns through your veinsAffects your brainsDowngrades the consciousness itselfGodInside digitsThat makes you seeYour own indignityTold how […]