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Emery As Your Voice Fades слова песни 06.06.2019 Автор: admin

As Your Voice Fades somebody please tell mewhat am i suppose to do?you died and i′m herethinking that i hear your voice,but it′s somebody elseit′s always somebody elsewhy did you die?don′t leave me pleasei beg you God tonight bring me peacei′ll never sleep withoutthe dreams of you alive here with methe brightness left your eyesas […]

Emery The Weakest слова песни 27.05.2019 Автор: admin

The Weakest Point the gun (in your way)Just pretend that it is time (it is time)Say the word and I will fireSometimes I get so tiredOf the ride (it never stops)This word is worth then my life {than my life)Say the word and I will dieThere′s no peace for passing of this new sicknessThat I […]

Emery Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes слова песни 07.01.2019 Автор: admin

Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes Watching someone stop breathing.Feel their arms and palms releasing.The color, the smell of the skin,All of this with your fingerprints.And there isn′t a thing that they can do.Drive drive drive drive,I don′t want to get caught.We′ll say, we′ll say we′re innocent.And there is enough to prove we′re not.They will […]