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Enigma The Same Parents слова песни 04.11.2019 Автор: admin

The Same Parents We all had the same parents Many million years ago Why can′t we live in freedom Without hunger, with no war? At the beginning we all had One mother and one father That′s where we′re descending from (attention) I don′t, I don′t understand why so much hate (attention) Between races, and religions […]

Enigma The Gate слова песни 30.10.2019 Автор: admin

The Gate Closest approach to earth34,600,000 milesMean distance from the sun141,600,000 milesPeriod of rotation around the sun1.88089 yearsSidereal rotation period24 hours,37 minutes, 22.66 secondsMean surface atmospheric temperature-23 degreesVisual albedo0.159Pole star bd 52Degrees 2880Official magnitude at opposition-2.01Mass0.01017Density3.5Latin\»o fortunaVelut luna\»Statu variabilis,(translation:\»o fortuneLike the moon\»You are changeable, )Diameter0.532Inclination for equator24.936 degreesGravitational escape velocity3121 miles per hourInclination from equator

Enigma Hello And Welcome слова песни 07.10.2019 Автор: admin

Hello And Welcome Hello and welcome At your own risk You′re always welcome Without guarantee If you′re so brave, then face the tide There′s no mercy in this life Now it′s time to feel and see What is fiction and what′s reality Hello and welcome Just look at me Think about your future But still […]