Рубрика: Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson F-Stop Blues слова песни 11.01.2020 Автор: admin

F-Stop Blues Hermit crabs and cowry shellsCrush beneath his feet as he comes towards youHe′s waving at youLift him up to see what you can seeHe begins his focusingHe′s aiming at youAnd now he has cutaways from memoriesAnd close-ups of anything thatHe has seen or even dreamedAnd now he′s finished focusingHe′s imagining lightningStriking sea sicknessAway […]

Jack Johnson Never Know слова песни 21.12.2019 Автор: admin

Never Know I heard this old story beforewhere the people keepa calling for the metaphorsthat don′t leave much up to the imaginationso i wanna give this imagery backbut i know it ain′t just so easy like thatso i turn the page and read the story again and again and againsure seems the same, with a […]