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Madcon Beggin слова песни 07.03.2020 Автор: admin

Beggin [Tshawe Baqwa] Oooooh Put your loving hand out, baby I′m beggin Beggin, beggin you Put your loving hand out baby Beggin, beggin you Put your loving hand out darling Ridin high, when I was king Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything Walked away, won me then But easy come and easy […]

Madcon Blessed слова песни 24.12.2019 Автор: admin

Blessed (Intro — Tshawe) that feelin′ i get from your eyes, that feelin i get from your smile (verse 1 — Tshawe) not many people have been this blessed naw on the contruri most people livin′ in endless stresshopenin to share a child withchu when the time is due finnaly i get to live a […]

Madcon Back on the road слова песни 26.06.2019 Автор: admin

Back on the road (girls)we don`t knowget back on the roadgo baby goget back on the road(Tshawe)My people know about itliven,struggen and stravenand the dine is off the ninetranna get bosse`n it blindand the sicret is hard to findin east they diggin and stravencouse his in the jaaaiiiiilcouse is amaaaaazing(Yosef)hard could stay so i can […]