Рубрика: Mushroomhead

Mushroomhead Xeroxed слова песни 25.01.2019 Автор: admin

Xeroxed Fall From Grace False Messiah Laid To Waste Amidst Desire Never Found The Fuel That Feeds The Fire Of Your Passion Carbon Copy Xeroxed Soul Redundant Thought Assassin Regurgitate All You Hear And Claim It As Your Own Step On Those From Which You Stole On Your Path To The Throne Sink Your Teeth […]

Mushroomhead Cut Me слова песни 11.01.2019 Автор: admin

Cut Me Cut me and i bleed same as you do And underneath the need Secrets show thru Is there anyone of us Who ever truly trust the things We all do Sensing the pain you lash out With no restraint Creating a place that you Cannot defend Suffocating need befalls you When theres nothing […]

Mushroomhead Nowhere To Go слова песни 04.01.2019 Автор: admin

Nowhere To Go Morning′s gone Echoes of dawn Shaking my soul All but done Delirium The rain with the cold With nowhere to go (Love destroyed this body figureheads and lies Have i survived) Nowhere to go (we′ve been brought here for a reason Be it fate, or internal treason Souls will be saved, Or […]