Рубрика: Razorlight

Razorlight In The City слова песни 02.12.2019 Автор: admin

In The City Well it′s a close one, a real close one And no-one gets hurt, but she′s got twice the fun But now they kiss in the rain And did someone call out someone′s name From a white cadillac on a wide wind To her white dress across the great divide Into the warm […]

Razorlight You And The Rest слова песни 11.11.2019 Автор: admin

You And The Rest You say, you′re thinking of me And you′ll do it at any cost And you say that you believe in life Any love you′ve never lost Everything keeps changing on me I can′t tell you how I feel People shift and re-arrange on me How should I know what is real? […]

Razorlight Fall, Fall, Fall слова песни 18.10.2019 Автор: admin

Fall, Fall, Fall Midnight’s calling Are you close behind? Midnight’s calling Are you close behind? Trees without leaves and notes that don’t ring Wine left to rot and a voice that can’t sing And hours of making love in silence And a light that just won’t shine in the darkness Could I be any clearer? […]