Рубрика: Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor Act Like You слова песни 22.10.2019 Автор: admin

Act Like You Let′s change the gameTo a new situationSomethin′ you ain′t anticipatin′We gon′ reverse the way we playWhat′s my name (Sarah)Say it into my cameraAll the things I′m gon′ do to yaI pull your hair and talk dirtySay naughty things that you likeWe′ll go all night just xan′t get enoughBaby you got my permission […]

Sarah Connor Make My Day слова песни 06.10.2019 Автор: admin

Make My Day [verse 1]Found a note layin′ on the bedroom floorRead it and felt my emotions start to soarIt said, \»Follow all the signs that lead ya down the hallBe ready for a sweet surprise\»Excitement was risin′ up with every strideCouldn′t help smilin′, I felt joy insideYou always find a way to take my […]

Sarah Connor Every Little Thing слова песни 30.09.2019 Автор: admin

Every Little Thing Verse 1:Whenever you go away from meGo out with your friends i see that there′s something in your eyesAnd it looks just like a lieDidn′t i give you what you want?Didn′t i give it all to you?Why is everything you do a little bit untrue?Bridge:And everytimeYou act wrongI go away from you […]