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Sarah Connor Why Does It Rain слова песни 09.09.2019 Автор: admin

Why Does It Rain (written by Rob Tyger, Kay Denar)verse 1Summertime has come and goneI had you here by my sideThe autumn wind was blowing strongI grabbed your arm, held you tightbridgeNow the air is getting cold at nightAnd you say you have to leaveOn the weather report there isNo Christmas in whiteBut it′s you […]

Sarah Connor When Two Become One слова песни 09.09.2019 Автор: admin

When Two Become One Verse 1:Hey honeyit′s been sometimesince you just came into my lifeand boy without a doubtyou turned me inside outsweet babyit′s been a whilesince people doubted our love and claimedthat we were much too loudand press was what we′re aboutBridge:but we smiled into ourselves and knewthat I was meant to be with […]

Sarah Connor Make U High слова песни 05.08.2019 Автор: admin

Make U High Intro:I′m gonna make u high, highWhen you′re feeling low, lowShow you all the joy, joyYou′ve never seenAnd then we do it right, rightLovin′ you in slow moThis is what you getIf you′re gonna be with meI′m gonna make you high, highWhen you′re feeling low, lowVerse 1:Hey boy, i′ve been watching youBeen thinking […]