Рубрика: Sum 41

текст песни Sum 41 War 05.02.2021 Автор: admin

So what am I fighting for Everything back and more And I’m not gonna let this go I’m ready to settle the score Get ready cause this is war. There are days that I think I’m crazy Other days nothing seems to faze me. There’s nothing more and nothing less just All the fears that […]

Sum 41 My Direction слова песни 01.03.2020 Автор: admin

My Direction Perfection is my direction Even if thats all I had It′s not like I need no correction, I just know that life′s not so bad Picture this, everyday, Kids that just can′t find a way, Stuck in disarray, Can′t find hope for better days It′s a degeneration Of childhood frustration In The Last […]

Sum 41 Thanks For Nothing слова песни 02.07.2019 Автор: admin

Thanks For Nothing ′ll never take part in the growing population Or waste my time with further education (hooha!) Forget what we know, it′s just a big show What they want to control So jaded and frustrated It′s all so complicated Fashion, no passion surrounds me All I know is I′ve heard this all before […]