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Anastacia Heavy rotation слова песни 01.03.2021 Автор: admin

Heavy rotation I’m on air in a turning motion And I don’t wanna take it slow Take me there use your potion Tell me how you want this to go Opportunities knockin baby come get it, get it, get it Tell me how you wanna play cuz I’m wit it, wit it, wit it Tell […]

Bon Jovi The Last Night слова песни 12.02.2021 Автор: admin

The Last Night These days, its hard to have a heart It doesn′t matter where you come from, or who you think you are These days, it′s hard just fitting in Why does someone have to lose, for someone else to win We′re all looking for forgiveness, and someone we can trust You can wrap […]

Eminem The Way I Am слова песни 12.02.2021 Автор: admin

The Way I Am Whatever Dre just let it run Ay yo turn the beat up a little bit Ay yo, this song is for anyone Fuck it just shut up and listen Ay yo I sit back with this pack of zigzags And this bag of this weed It gives me the shit needed […]