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The Cure Fascination Street слова песни 04.01.2020 Автор: admin

Fascination Street Oh it′s opening time Down on fascination street So let′s cut the conversation And get out for a bit Because i feel it all fading and paling And i′m begging to drag you down with me To kick the last nail in Yeah i like you in that like i like you to […]

The Cure Bananafishbones слова песни 18.12.2019 Автор: admin

Bananafishbones Curl into a ball like you have more fun That would make it faster Why do you do it do you act like you? Don′t fight Go red and blue and black and white Sell this sell this Or leave it senseless like a suck on a gun? Put a piece of metal in […]

The Cure Shiver and Shake слова песни 15.12.2019 Автор: admin

Shiver and Shake You′re just a waste of time You′re just a babbling face You′re just three sick holes that run like sores You′re a fucking waste You′re like a slug on the girl Oh you′re useless and ugly And useless and ugly And I shiver and shake When I think of how you make […]