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Will Smith Uuhhh слова песни 27.11.2019 Автор: admin

Uuhhh (feat. KelSpencer) (Kel Spencer) (Uuhhh) Can you feel it baby? (Take me away) Flow crazy Make em′ say (Uuhhh) Make It hot, uh (Take me away) Flow crazy Make em′ say Uh (ah) uh (ah) uh (ah) uh (ah) Uh (ah) uh (ah) uh (ah) (Will Smith) Been to the mountain top Down to […]

Will Smith Give Me Tonite слова песни 25.09.2019 Автор: admin

Give Me Tonite (feat. Tra-Knox) (Verse 1 (Will Smith)) Uh, check, check Yo, yo, yo Across the room shared a little gaze with me Crazy mama how your scent played with me Eyes never hiding your heart angelic looking Faking disinterest but I can tell you′re looking Face to face her eye to eye stance […]