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Xzibit Handle Your Business слова песни 06.01.2020 Автор: admin

Handle Your Business featuring Defari Herut [Xzibit] Yeah, uh, what, worldwide Yeah, Im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself So we gonna move on em quickly (what) No chance to think about coming back Chain smoke em, turn they lungs black See I was raised to love black, but […]

Xzibit Multiply слова песни 03.01.2020 Автор: admin

Multiply ft. Nate Dogg [Xzibit] I′ve beeeeen this way and I can′t stop (ah) Hands on the ball and I won′t drop (no) Half-assed rhymes that you can′t watch (no) It ain′t cause I want to it′s cause I got-ta Get it Crip while the gettin is good before the game is 10% skill and […]

Xzibit BK To LA слова песни 23.12.2019 Автор: admin

BK To LA ft. M.O.P. Yeah! AO WWW, AO WWW! C′mon! Yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh M.O.P.! Uhh (X to the Z) Yeah baby, that′s right, you know how we do it One time, X, where you at my nigga? FIYAHHHH!!!! [Xzibit] I spread the hate, like Taliban records and tapes Shoot five times to […]