Chamillionaire My Life слова песни

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My Life (feat.
Slim Thug, Trae) [Chamillionaire] My life My life, really feelin hard times Lookin out my window, holdin my weapon like Malcolm X and And it seems I′m over-stressin, feelin like hatin is your profession And I know a couple Texans that got killed for over-reppin So I never be oversteppin boundaries bounded to my weapon When they ask me how I′m doin, I just tell ′em \»I′m doin super\» I got a date with Destiny, allow me to introduce ya Her little sister Fate told me I′m gon′ be the future And legacy′s everything to a Martin Luther King Koopa This recession is so pathetic, got me feelin like I′m athletic And success tryna get away from me and I ain′t tryna let it When they told that Pimp was gone, my reply was \»I don′t get it\» And I′m still havin trouble believin it happened the way they said it Had to cut some partners off, swear to y′all it ain′t my fault I′ve been grown since I was seven and I was born to be a boss But I know there′s a bunch of haters tryna see me take a loss So I be sleepin with one eye open and put cameras in my vault I′ve been thinkin and gettin deep and they tryna tell I been preachin But I know that they can′t see how much of the world that I be reachin So stop reachin, stop leachin, I′ma fade ′em out like bleach and In the spots where they can′t get out to is the spots I visit frequent Europe to UK and Germany, travellin currently Made so much in millions that I could cash out in eternity Accustomed to hittin customs with that duffle full of currency When God created hustle, looked at the world and he inserted me.
Koopa [Hook: Chamillionaire X4] I′m just livin my life, so cold In the streets so I′m takin it slow [Trae] Uh, yeah I′ll tell you my story, I only speak the truth homie It a terrible situation, throwed on the curb within the hands of time But since I′m blistery breathing I guess a nigga livin fine I live a life that′s filled with dramatistic people cryin And since the hood depend on me, they′ll never lose a hand of mine (I gotcha) I′m paralysed when it come to the good times, I′m used to the pain Feelin like a bum under the bridge, I′m so used to the rain Anything I do is from the heart so it reflect my name Forgive me for my sins father, I feel like I′m goin insane Media criticising me for checking niggas, fuck it, oh well I just wasn′t raised a little pussy disrespected nigga I′m tryna live on my own by the ways of a gangster So every time I leave out I pray so I′m prayin for a gangster It′s bad enough the world we livin in all about money Since we runnin out I choose to believe it ain′t nothin funny I′ve been stabbed in my back so much I deal with it I′m tryna kick it with my life before heaven come chill with it [Hook X4] [Slim Thug] Last year was a hard one but life goes on Thinkin bout my nigga Pimp while I write this song And the list goes on, all my niggas is gone I′m tired of hearin bad news, scared to pick up my phone Got a call, my nigga Eddy died from Acres home Just seen him at my video shoot, now that shit wrong Kelvo, Arborea, even my girl ShantZ I just heard word she got stabbed to death today Dear Lord, I pray that you take away the pain From their family and their friends, please help us change Still warm my niggas sleep dog, stessle and stank My girl Dee Dee, they got me pourin out my drank It′s fucked up, all my friends is dead or in the pen Seem like soon as your life begin it′s beginning to end I′m frustrated, but you gotta smile, your time is dated You never know when showin your love might be related, hah [Hook X4]