Children Of Bodom Are You Dead Yet? слова песни

17.01.2020 Автор: admin

Are You Dead Yet? Don′t hear, don′t deem Drown in before you dive Don′t care, commit to your self destruction drive I kiss the ground with love beyond forever Flip off the sky With bleeding fingers till I die [Chorus:] Enemy, take one good look at me Eradicate what you will always be Tainted flesh, polluted soul Through a mirror I behold Throw a punch Shards bleed on the floor Tearing me apart but I don′t care anymore Should I regret or ask myself Are you dead yet? Wake up, don′t cry Regenerate to deny The truth, the fiction You leave a blindfold on your eyes Disclosure, self loathing This time you′ve gone too far Or could it be my nemesis That you′re me? [Chorus 2x]