Crossfade Never Coming Home слова песни

04.08.2019 Автор: admin

Never Coming Home I′m planning my release Tonight I′ll speak the words I never Thought I′d ever have to say to you Hope it stings you so deeply For a moment you might see me And I′ll leave you there alone One more thing that you should know I′m not ever coming home Think we should finally let this go We both know it′s the end of the road All I ever needed Someone to believe in Anything that I could do Maybe there′s something beautiful Hidden deep in my bones I′ll get as far as I can go Where I run, you never will know When you′re left there lying alone Know I′m never coming home I think we′ve had enough time to know So know that when I go It′s the end of the road Know where I go, it′s the end of the road It′s the end of the road I′m never coming home See, i′m never coming home