Jimmy Eat World Always Be слова песни

23.06.2019 Автор: admin

Always Be Could′ve been a night like any other One of us has to drive One of us gets to think I′ll force a laugh to break the silence It′s gonna get harder still Before it gets easy You can′t keep safe what wants to break [Chorus:] I′m alone in this I′m as I′ve always been Right behind what′s happening She′s all lost in this She′s all like she′ll always be A little far for me to reach I was just a boy like every other I thought I was something fierce I thought I was ten times smarter Love would be something that I just know (Something I just know) How you gonna know the feeling till you′ve lost it I′ve been losing plenty since [Chorus] Maybe something else I′m missing Something good and your the reason It′s a dream but there′s a real world waiting [Chorus x2]