Kat DeLuna Love Me, Leave Me слова песни

09.12.2019 Автор: admin

Love Me, Leave Me The very first day of my life Was the day that you let me go And it was a blessing in disguise Now i see that i′m beautiful Cause all we ever did was fight We were so disfunctional Now i forgotten all the times And all the days that i was lovin you.
Just like a ghost from my past (he′s come back to haunt me) Saying that you want me back (look at its impossible so.
) Love me, leave me Cause ive already closed that door Don′t want to be In the pain i felt before If i only could be myself Without your approval anymore (if you love me leave me) If you love me leave me alone Now there used to be a time That i woulda taken you back again But now that i have you out my mind Now i′m totally independent So you can save your little lies Cause i know whats happenin′ Your missin′ me but say goodbye now To all the days i was lovin′ you If you really wanna help Than you should go Cause i promised myself I′d let it alone At the back of the shelf Cause where i put what we had I′ll never going back, no