KMFDM Blackball слова песни

09.01.2020 Автор: admin

Blackball I am the fake behind the door The little worm that you ignore That brittle rage the bitter rubble Take your time and bring the trouble And on this little poison river The whiskey and wine that loves my liver Ease it once sleaze it twice My levy broke and so I choke You do what you want to me I give shit back to thee Don′t give one word I say Now get out of my way Blackball Start the riot They will never keep us quiet Blackball Flip the script The veil of silence must be ripped Blackball I am the freedom that you flay I am the guilt that you display I am the scream you cannot help I am the corpse that you felch Blackball Burn ′em down Run the traitors out of town Blackball Wipe ′em out Turn the triumph into rout Blackball Hang ′em high Get them right between the eyes Blackball No amends Shut up and muscle your defense Willkommen zum ritt auf der rasierklinge Machen wir der gepentischen veranstaltung ein ende Lass uns den fettwanstigen kriegsgewinnlern die Gefrassigen mauler Stopfen Zerreisse den schleier des schweigens Wut und mut heissen die schonen tochter der hoffnung I am the filth upon your fork Your favorite cut of dirty pork The second hand that stands so still I am the clock that waits to kill Blackball Make ′em crawl Blackball Line ′em up against the wall