KMFDM Superpower слова песни

07.01.2020 Автор: admin

Superpower Another millennium and none the wiser I’m the one unparalleled Germanizer Hunted, shunted never ever to stray I am the man who goes by the name of Kapt’n K Eyes on the road one fist on the wheel All maximum throttle full pedal to the steel Pearl for swine, the rock, the gem Unadulterated, understated, love or hate it — KMFDM Anchor for the rancor of the secret elite Chaos, mayhem, ultra-heavy beat Superpower A force in its own Superpower We’re going it alone Superpower Ascendancy from dust Superpower The power you can trust Superpower With power to spare Superpower Extra-extraordinaire Superpower Relax! Enjoy! Superpower KMFDM Ahoy!