Nicki Minaj Baddest Bitch слова песни

18.12.2019 Автор: admin

Baddest Bitch Uh-huh.
[Verse 1:] Now every club promoter wanna bid like auction Cause we pack show Cel-tics like Boston You see me in the lobby taking pics I′m flossin After every pic gotta fix my corset I am running this shit I am so exhausted Batter up bitches but approach with caution You be talking slick and honestly I can see why You don′t know me and I ain′t talking bout TI Just when they thought I was done for the winter I Came out stunting I′m such a big spender I Two of everything but no I′m not a Gemini My life′s a movie, take me to the cinema Take me out to the ball game, cause you know I only fuck with ballers (yep!) Them is my type of niggas, shot-callers I been around the world I′m such a bad, bad girl I got the Austin Power flow I′m groovy bitches And no you′re no match for my oozie bitches I dumb my raps down so I don′t lose these bitches Say some sex shit like wetter than jacuzzi bitches [Chorus:] Been around the world, I still can′t find Another girl that can steal my shine.
I′ve had my highs, I′ve had my lows But you can′t tell me that I am not the baddest bitch.
I′m the baddest bitch The mistress I′m the baddest bitch.
I′m the baddest bitch Trick-trick-trick please I′m the baddest bitch.
[Verse 2:] [laughing] Half a bar just to laugh at em High school if he ball throw my math at em And if he want some pussy that′s a no-no I only fuck with bad bitches no homo Flow sicker than LL Chinese and them things go pow-pow Word to me all them girls better bow down Nicki Minaj I′m the talk of the town now.
[Chorus] Baddest, the baddest, my pussy′s the phattest I′m bad.
Bad, bad