Oblivion Machine

Oblivion Machine

Сергей Канатьев


Константин Циколенко

Гитара и программинг

Imidazo Yo


Mr Grey

Вокал, гитара

OBLIVION MACHINE is one of the most unexpected and original bands on contemporary Russian scene. The band is formed by two brothers Alex and Konstantine in 2005 in Saratov. From the very beginning they aimed to diversify the common metal sound with the help of electronics. Soon brothers moved to Moscow and headed for mixing of traditional riffs and electronic samples and beats once and for all. After the first experiments took the shape of demo EXILE joined the band as bass player.

From that moment the new period in the band development started – Oblivion Machine played several successful concerts in Russia and then the band made for studio to record the full-length album. Music accumulates complicated arrangements and deep atmosphere. Disc design is done by EXILE and cover artwork is painted by Alexey “Gutalin” Kozhanov – the digital painter working in Gigeresque style. Also in one of the songs vocalist of the Fetal Decay band Dmitry Orlov participates…After recording of the album which was named “Unnatural & Wrong” musicians decide to shoot a music video to support the album. They thoroughly look for the suitable location for shooting while they set their choice on the old military bunker build in 1950s which is 60 meters under. The band sensu stricto plunges into “underground” together with shooting command of Foxland Studio…“In this video we tried to reproduce the idea of the whole album, – says Alex. – Antigod (i.e. worm in my mind) is the character which goes through the all songs of the album. He tries to turn his live around, he struggles with himself but he loses this war.» A1 TV channel accepts the completed video into rotation, and also band gets some interesting suggestions from western agencies.

In 2010 the album of remixes of songs from “Unnatural & Wrong” was released where such persons like Michiel van den Bos (the creator of soundtracks to such famous games as Unreal and Unreal Tournament) and DJ Noiz participate. It was called «Viewpoint Collector» and new single «Exilence» also was included in album.

Nowadays the band has prepared material for the second album in which they proceed with experiments with sound, album is called «Zero-Gravity». Hiili Hiilesmaa (H.I.M., Apocalyptica, Lordi, Moonspell, Amorphis, The 69 Eyes, Sentenced) mixed the album and Svante Forsback did the mastering in march 2011. This album is one big step forward for OM — it’s just brilliant in all ways and offers the band in other different interesting ways. Now band is looking for label to release their second full-length album. Also OM found fourth guy — drummer Imidazo!

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