Sarah Connor Make My Day слова песни

06.10.2019 Автор: admin

Make My Day [verse 1]Found a note layin′ on the bedroom floorRead it and felt my emotions start to soarIt said, \»Follow all the signs that lead ya down the hallBe ready for a sweet surprise\»Excitement was risin′ up with every strideCouldn′t help smilin′, I felt joy insideYou always find a way to take my spirits highCould not believe my eyesCause I saw — youIn the doorwayBreakfast — burntWhat could I sayIt was — likeIn the Movies[chorus]BoyYou make my day (With every little thing you do)Make my day (With every loving word from you)Make my day (You always seem to find a way)Make my day (Every moments like a holiday)Make my day (Every time that you walk in the room)Make my day (Every night I′m lyin′ next to you)Make my day (Every morning when you′re by my side)Boy you make my day[verse 2]One of those days nothing goin′ rightWorkin′ my butt until late at nightBout to tell my boss he can take a hikeWhen I got a call from youShort time later all my work is donePacked my things up and I was on the runStraight to you like a shot from a gunI unlocked the door andI saw — youWith red rosesIced ChampagneCandelabrasBubble BathI′m T.
Boy you make my daySo listen girlsIf U got some one who will treat you rightWon′t run around all nightYou need to hold on tight don′t let him goBetter yet girls let him know, he is worth goldBoys don′t come like that on every corner[chorus]