Метка: Aborted

Aborted Gestated Rabidity слова песни 01.01.2020 Автор: admin

Gestated Rabidity Malodorous Scent Of Decay Reeking My Path To The Storageshed Urges Deep Inside The Cortex Raging Through The Cervix Cranial Decay… As I Grab The Saw… Eviscerated Carnal Delicatesse Had Been Lying Around For Days My Cannibalistic Malpractice Enthralls Gangrenous Process In Excess Bereaving The Swarm Of Flesh A Malpractice In Necronutricious Form… […]

Aborted Medical Deviance слова песни 15.11.2019 Автор: admin

Medical Deviance Reflected on the iris, A tale each stiff reveals Numbing — depresonalisation Surgical doctrines transmute to malevolance A morbid fascination, medical expertise befouled To ensure intravenous butchery… Single handed and scalpel guided, Life chors are sliced Practitioners of a medical deviance Rigor mortis sets in, achieving thrills the doctor is in… Thrusting tools […]

Aborted Dead Wreckoning слова песни 25.09.2019 Автор: admin

Dead Wreckoning Enter The Archaic Abattoir… Exiled To A Pernicious Wasteland My Gray Matter A Thirst Compelled To Restore My Deathcamp Love For Surgery In Me A Man Made Predator Revealed Amidst The Last Moiety Of Humanity In Me Is Stripped Feeding Of A Defunct Social Mess Enumerate The Dead Left For You To Explore […]